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NVT Phybridge Networking Solutions

Long Reach Ethernet over Category 3 and Coaxial Cable

Creative Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

When recabling is not an option, deliver power and data over any new or existing cabling with up to 18-times the reach of standard ethernet switches

CLEER Family

Ethernet Over Coax

24-Port Layer 3 Managed Switch

10-Port Unmanaged Switch

Extender Solution

FLEX Family

Multi-Pair UTP

24-Port Managed Gigabit Switch

8-Port Unmanaged Switch

Extender Solution

PoLRE Family

Single Pair Ethernet

24-Port Managed Switch

48-Port Managed Switch

8-Port Unmanaged Switch

NVT Phybridge Networking Solution’s

Offer a creative approach to solving two very specific networking problems:

Establishing an ethernet network over CAT-3, coax, or single pair wiring.

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Upgrading to a cloud based/VoIP phone system from an old premise-based phone system (PBX) on legacy CAT3 cable
Large homes where home run cat-3 cable was installed
Larger commercial environments with legacy cabling
Finished construction where new wiring is not an option
Upgrading to an IP-based camera systems from a legacy analog camera system with coaxial (RG-6, RG-59) wiring

Extending CAT5e/Cat6 ethernet devices

Up to 18 times longer than standard limitations of 10 meters 328 feet (up to 6000 feet)

Extending IP-cameras long distances into parking areas, outdoor storage facility such as car lots, construction storage, RV sales centers, etc.
Eliminating the necessity to install fiber optic cabling between Intermediary Distribution Frames (IDFs) or splice points in larger technology deployments
Upgrading various analog technologies with IP-based technologies that have shorter distance limitations than analog
Upgrading to Internet of Things (IoT) devices and/or adding Power over Ethernet (PoE) to devices on legacy cable infrastructures

About NVT Phybridge

A global leader in long-reach Power over Ethernet Solutions

We help organizations simplify and accelerate digital transformation projects without costly infrastructure requirements. NVT Phybridge Power over Ethernet switches and extenders provide PoE over any new or existing network infrastructure with up to 80% cost savings. Unlike other networking solutions that require the implementation of the latest network cabling, our products enable IP and IoT solutions up to 70% faster to deliver incredible ROI without the complexity or disruption of a major network overhaul.


All NVT Phybridge IP products are made in North America and are TAA and NDAA compliant.

Organizations Using NVT Phybridge PoE Switches


NVT Phybridge PoE Switch Features

A global leader in long-reach Power over Ethernet Solutions

Speed, Reach & Power

NVT Phybridge PoE switches combine speed, reach, and power capabilities to support the most demanding IP and IoT devices.

Performance & Reliability

Deliver power and data with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach, 18-times farther than standard PoE switches.

PowerWISE® Technology

NVT Phybridge PoE switches come with hot-swappable power supplies, power-sharing for redundancy, power management features, and up to 50 Watts of power per port.

Cable Type

Our PoE switches enable IP and IoT devices using any new or existing Coax/UTP cabling infrastructure.

Have NVT Phybridge or our networking solutions got your attention?

Contact Teltek, a local NVT Phybridge partner and legacy in the technology industry. We have been helping businesses find creative solutions to their toughest technology challenges since 1996 and are just a phone call away.