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Business Security Camera Solutions
In Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Ready for a cutting-edge security camera system?

Keep eyes on your assets!

It used to be that security cameras were mostly meant to deter, or at least help identify, threats within your facility. That’s still a valuable benefit, but today’s systems go much further.

Technology has improved dramatically in recent years, making sophisticated, intelligent security cameras accessible for any small business or commercial need. Night vision, motion sensors, mobile alerts, safety features like smoke or carbon monoxide detection… all are available.

The key is to identify which capabilities are most important to you, then partner with a technology provider that can design and install your ideal security solution.

    security camera

    How does video surveillance protect businesses?

    Digging deeper than just security in its classical sense, your new cameras offer several ancillary benefits as well:

    • Employee protection and monitoring
    • Increased safety for customers and patrons
    • Health and safety of your facility
    • Remote viewing
    • Increased productivity
    • Asset protection
    • Savings on operational costs
    • Potential for lower insurance premiums
    • Limiting access to restricted areas
    • Deterrent for criminal activities

    All of this translates to peace of mind for you and your team, greater accountability, plus tangible cost-savings over time.

    What kind of security camera do you need for your property?

    Outdoor Security Cameras

    Ideal for parking lots, dark spaces, or those areas of your facility that are typically out of sight-line. These types of cameras can be set up with additional features, like sensor warning lights, audio, or even a siren. With smart capabilities, you can remotely watch through your camera in real time and activate any features you’d like.

    Night Vision

    Need to keep an eye on low-light areas, or secure outdoor property around the clock? Night vision cameras have come a long way, with ultra-low-light capabilities that deliver crisp imaging, video, and playback. Color night vision is also available, taking visibility to a whole new level.


    To keep close tabs on everything that’s happening indoors, choose a camera system that allows for higher resolution imaging, optical zoom, video capture, and mobile features that you can control remotely.


    That grainy, blurry footage from old security cameras is a thing of the past if you invest in the right system. Today’s Internet Protocol (IP) cameras can shoot high-resolution footage, have a wider field of vision, optical zoom, and offer special features that analogue security cameras aren’t capable of. Better resolution (up to 5 megapixels, vs one-half megapixel on analogue), power over Ethernet (PoE) switches that power and run data from the camera, Network Video Recording, video analytics, and much more are all possible with the right wireless setup. 

    Video surveillance FAQ

    security camera

    Have questions about security camera services and technology?

    Contact us today with any questions and to discuss the right solutions for your business or organization. We’d love to help you find the perfect system to protect your property and peace of mind.