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7 Tips To Help You Purchase Your Next Phone System

7 Tips To Help You Purchase Your Next Phone System

Investing in a phone system is like buying a car – if you want the perfect fit, you have to do your homework. At Teltek, we want to help you with your homework – think of us as a private tutor! Here are 7 tips to help in your research before you purchase a new phone system.

What do you need? – before you begin to consider phone systems, ask yourself what you need. You don’t want to over spend, but you don’t want to under purchase either. Remember to figure in future growth, expansion, and plans to hire new employees – these factors impact your decision greatly.

Who is using the system? Is your work force technology savvy or are they complete technophobes? This is an important part of your decision, because you’ll have to consider training your employees once the changeover happens. Remember, Teltek can help train your employees on your existing or new phone systems.

Talk to your business counterparts – ask your business associates who’ve purchased a phone system in the past several months. They can give you immediate feedback that’s fresh in their minds.

 List the features you need – How important is to have Direct Inward Dial numbers (DID’s)? Do you want to have music playing while your clients are on hold? How critical is voice mail and messaging to your business? These and other questions can help you zero in on the right system. Click here to request sample request for proposals (RFP) from Teltek.

Consider Voice Over IP –Voice over IP allows your business to place and receive phone calls over the internet. VoIP reduces costs by using existing infrastructure, plus if you have a sales force that’s in the field, or working out of the home, they can use their existing equipment and internet to take advantage of this technology.

 Look into Computer Telephone Integration CTI allows your phone system and computer system to work together. With CTI, your employees can click on a phone number in an email or website and the phone automatically dials the number. When a customer calls, their number can show up on your computer screen, complete with account information – it saves time and provides you the edge in customer service!

Call 1.866.9 TELTEK – Installing new phone systems and providing a lifetime of support is what we do, and we’ve been doing it for more than 50 years! Teltek serves the Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania areas, and we’re more than happy to help you with your next phone system purchase. You can request a quote today!

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