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The New CAT-2

Cabling is an essential part of the world around us, without which we would not have electricity in our homes, television to watch, or most importantly, phone service! In the telecommunication field, cabling serves to improve data speeds, or provide a crisper/cleaner connection. You might hear terms like “CAT-3,” “CAT-5e”, or “CAT-6” thrown around when you speak to a telecommunications vendor. CAT-2, is another form of cabling, but it is no longer used in the profession. However, Teltek has re-vitalized CAT-2, in a very unique way. This is all due to the opening of Teltek’s new location in Baltimore, MD.

After the opening of Teltek’s new location in Baltimore, MD, two new “employees” became part of the team. They both have the spry attitude of a salesman, keen wisdom of a marketing associate, and warmth of a customer service rep. One might say that is a “triple threat” in the business world. However, there is one major problem they both share, which can be summed up in one word: MEOW! That’s right, if you every get a chance to visit our Baltimore location, you will no doubt meet George and Charles, the Teltekats! Although these two felines aren’t made of wires and plastic, they accomplish cabling’s most basic purpose: to make a connection. Any pet owner reading this has to agree that whether you have a cat, dog, bird, rabbit, etc., they provide a great deal of pleasure for you.

You might be asking yourself “Do cats (or any pets) belong in the workplace?” However, Teltek’s Baltimore location is a converted townhouse that provides enough space for the cats to roam around separate from the work environment. There are definite pros and cons to having George and Charles so close. The cats provide a much needed escape during a stressful day. It’s always nice to have the rambunctious George come in the office, ready to play with his toy zebra or Charles when he comes up and head butts your hand, wanting some attention.  Even though they provide such joy in the office, they can be a distraction at times. But, there is a time for play and a time for focus, and in my experience, Teltek balances both wonderfully.

I hope you will have the opportunity to not only meet with one of our dedicated team members in Baltimore, but also witness the re-imagining of CAT-2!

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