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6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Small Business Phone System

6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Small Business Phone System

Below are questions asked when buying a small business phone system; as always we thought they worth sharing.

What is the disruption if we don’t have the overtime effort?

A:  There will be a fairly large disruption due to the network room clean-up and cabling modifications required – I would estimate about 4-6 without phones/computers.

What is saved?

A;  We will plan the installation around your schedule so as much of the work that can be completed during normal business hours will be done then. This way only the items that would cause downtime to your systems would be addressed after normal business hours conserving cost. The majority of our configuration and system programming is completed at our office, so when we arrive at your office we simply need to set the phones out and make the modifications to your cabling and mount the rack to the wall.

Can anyone answer the phones from their desk with no attendant at the front desk?

A:  Yes we can program the system a number of different ways to support that (i.e. the receptionist can log in and out when she is there, specified people can be in a hunt group that get the calls after a delay, a secondary receptionist is assigned, etc.). Our technician will spend 2-3 hour prior to the installation reviewing what we call “cutsheets” to determine and advise you how best to integrate the new system into your business practices.

Confirm the Front door interface is included, [we] remembered that it was.

A:  Yes it was. Before we were to move forward I would like to stop back out briefly with the technician assigned to your account so that we can run through everything one final time just to ensure that I have everything accounted for and accurate – we try very hard not to have any unexpected changes orders. 

Are we adding the second fax line to the phone system, for a total of 5 phone lines?

A:  That certainly will not be a problem, but would be a topic to finalize with the technician depending on what you are looking to accomplish by doing this. The way the system is configured today you can support 4 analog lines and a full PRI.

What is the assumption of the proposal analog lines or T1 / PRI?

A:  The configuration is for a PRI to be used as the primary service, but we always configure analog lines in addition as back up. Because of he known service outages in your area this is a subject that we would want to discuss in more detail ensuring that you are fully aware of the features and benefits of T1/PRI vs. Analog POTS lines before you make a decision.  

Our primary phone line died today; [our service provider] is checking the status – We will be making a decision shortly.

If this does not get resolved quickly please let me know and we will be happy to assist; we look forward to working with you on this project.

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