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Teltek Case Study – Network Business Solutions

Teltek Case Study – Network Business Solutions

Network Business Solutions (NBS) is a local Baltimore based IT company that provides network implementation and software application development.  NBS offers reliable and efficient computer consulting services and breaks the mold of most IT companies by matching the customers’ technological needs with their business goals, ensuring that future problems do not occur. This process is echoed with what Teltek offers in its telecommunication solutions.

Originally, NBS was utilizing an Avaya Partner phone system and Teltek provided maintenance for the system.  During this time Teltek added some new lines to the system and completed other programming changes as the organization grew.  Although the Avaya Partner System was serving its purpose, it was limited in the features and flexibility that NBS needed once acquiring a new office location to accommodate their business expansion. 

Prior to NBS’ move, Teltek began the survey process of the new location.  This was initiated by a member of the Teltek team conducting an on-site survey where they assessed the current location’s cabling needs, number of phones, number of lines and service provider. After the initial site survey, Teltek determined a plan-of-action based on their expert analysis and provided NBS with several options from which to choose. Once a decision was made to move forward with an Avaya IP Office 500 phone system, a certified Teltek technician implemented their new solution and provided training of the new system and its features to NBS’ employees.

Some of the features of the Avaya IP Office 500 system are:

  •          Synchronizing voice mail messages with  Microsoft Exchange
  •          Auto Attendant with cascaded Outcalling
  •          Virtual Private Network (VPN) IP Phones
  •          Unified Messaging (voicemail and fax to email)  
  •          Phone Manager Pro and Soft Console for telephone and computer integration

The feature that NBS found most beneficial for their business endeavors was the ability to transfer calls to and from any location in and out of the office allowing the customer to reach the right person, no matter where they are located. This prevents the customer from being put on hold for a long period of time, or placed into a general voicemail box. Ultimately, as NBS CEO Gary Grabowski states, “The Avaya [IP Office] phone system makes our lives easier.”

The relationship between Teltek and NBS did not stop after the implementation of the Avaya IP Office 500 system. NBS purchased a new maintenance agreement with Teltek, ensuring that if any problems were to occur with their new system, that a qualified Teltek technician would be available to fix it. Also, a technician will conduct routine check-ups, making sure the system is running smoothly and making any changes like moving or adding lines. Grabowski states that the new Avaya IP Office 500 system “just works well”, but it is good idea to have a maintenance agreement just in case something goes wrong.

Additionally Grabowski explains that he acquired the features and accessibility that was not only needed by his employees but also to differentiate his level of commitment to his customer service as well. Gary says that his lasting impression of Teltek is that they “provide fair and valuable advice and that any company that is looking to procure telecom solutions should “seek an organization like Teltek that is as knowledgeable and committed to ensuring their customer’s success.”

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