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Avaya Expands Conference Room Presence

Avaya Expands Conference Room Presence

Terms and Conditions: Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as there are several aspects of this contract which are the customer’s responsibility and will result in additional charges if they are overlooked. (Initialing is required on new telephone systems and system relocations only)


If Teltek is not awarded the cabling portion of this contract, all existing wires are assumed to be in a good serviceable condition, tested, terminated to RJ45 patch panels and labeled correctly. If for any reason the wires cannot be reused there will be an additional charge for each new wire that must be run to complete the system installation or time spent troubleshooting cabling issues. Locations of phones will be dependent upon jack locations. A copy of floor plans must be provided with all jack locations clearly labeled for the cabling project to commence; changes to the cabling infrastructure (once the prewire is complete) will be billable.


It will be the customer’s contractor’s responsibility to notify Teltek’s staff if any permits or special requirements are needed to complete the project. Low voltage cabling permits will require a minimum of a two week lead time from the date the signed proposal and deposit have been received; permits may be expedited for an additional fee. Customer is responsible for all cost associated with permits above and beyond what has been detailed on the proposal above.


All labor is to be performed within the normal business hours of Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm unless otherwise specified (After hours service is available for an additional charge). There will be a return visit charge for any customer actions that delay the installation. It will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Teltek’s technicians have access to all phone rooms (in suite and external) and areas where work is needed. Inability to gain access to these areas will be billable time.

Voice and Data Service:                 

We highly recommend utilizing Teltek’s optional service provider liaison services as the process to effectively coordinate service providers which often requires a high level of understanding of telecommunications and multiple vendors’ roles. If voice and data service is not coordinated via Teltek’s provider services department, it will be the customer’s responsibility for coordinating with service provider to have all incoming lines installed, tested, labeled, and active in their suite at the location where the telecom/datacom equipment is to be mounted. Additionally, if Teltek’s sales people, project managers or techs become engaged with assisting customers, other vendors, and/or service providers (after the optional service has been declined) all assistance (onsite and remote) will be billable at a rate of $150.00 an hour with a 15 minute minimum. If Teltek must extend the D-Marc or make a return visit due to service provider negligence, charges will apply.


A 1-year equipment and labor warranty (90-day for refurbished equipment) will go into effect on the day of the installation. Warranty will not cover changes in programming or claims resulting from software/firmware (excluding 30-day post install grace period for IP Office Systems), service provider failures, or claims resulting from customer negligence, misuse, theft, fire/water damage, abuse and acts of God (including lighting strikes and power surges). For additional warranty and service agreement options please contact your account executive.


All additions or changes to this proposal (after the time of signing) will be handled through our change order process. Change orders will be billed separately and may require additional deposits. The customer’s IT Manager (or outside IT vendor) will be expected to assist our technicians with IP Office integration into LAN and WAN. A network assessment and additional upgrades to existing network infrastructure may be required for certain VoIP features. Teltek Maintenance customers please reference your agreement as “additions made to system (during service agreement) will increase total cost of [monthly] maintenance cost accordingly.” If Teltek is contracted to relocate a telephone system we will not be responsible for losses in programming or equipment that will not power back up it has been relocated. All sales are final; should a special case return be approved a restocking fee of 20% will be applied and all original parts and packing materials must be returned.  Please allow an adequate amount of time for our staff to schedule and preplan your project (i.e a minimum of 2-weeks for smaller PBX installs, call accounting software and cabling; 45-60 days for new phone/internet service, and a minimum of 30 days for IP based systems). Teltek will bill the customer for any parking fees that are charged while our technicians are on site. Up to 2 hours of project management has been allocated to this agreement (unless otherwise specified above) – additional time required to coordinate your project will be billed at $125/hr.

Payment Terms:

If a cash sale is elected, 50% of the total sale will be due at time of signing to secure an installation date. Progressive billing will continue as follows: the final balance for the cabling portion (if applicable) will be due the day cabling has been completed. 40% will be due the day your equipment arrives on site and the final 10% will be due on the final day of training/project completion (usually within one week of initial install).  If a credit card is the chosen method of payment a 2.9% surcharge will be applied. 

Additionally, we offer several payment options including leasing and financing by Avaya Financial Services, Susquehanna Patriot Leasing Company, and other vendors offering numerous different payment plans and buy out options. If elected, leasing options allow for equipment, cabling, installation, and extended maintenance costs to all be included in one monthly payment. By signing this agreement you are agreeing to pay your account in accordance with Teltek’s payment terms, all collection agency fees, court costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees in case of suite for collection as well as maximum legal interest.

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