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Girl on Wire – How NOT To Do Business

Girl on Wire – How NOT To Do Business

We all appreciate good customer service and business practices that are efficient and productive. It’s easy to find tips on how to accomplish all of this, but what about advice on what not to do? A few months ago, one of Teltek’s customers was recently treated to a surprise visit from a programmer we hired to make changes to a phone system for a customer located several hours away in another state. I had conversations with this programmer’s company about our customer’s situation and asked him to let me know when they could have someone on site. I was advised that they were booked, so hired another company to do the job the following week.

Imagine my surprise when a programmer called me the next day with questions from the job site. “What are you doing there?” I asked him. “I just go where I’m told to go.” was his reply. I called and emailed my contact at his company and asked what happened. I was advised that another customer had cancelled, so they were able to do our job after all. I advised him that I appreciated the effort, but needed to be kept in the loop so I can keep our customers advised. His reply to my request was “we don’t always have time to keep others informed”. Really? There was no time at all for a brief warning that a programmer was being sent?

I apologized to our customer and advised him that this is not how Teltek does business.

Here is Teltek’s Mission Statement:

To provide, install, and maintain all aspects of our client’s communication systems with the personalized service that only a family owned business can deliver.

And Teltek’s Company Vision:

Teltek’s vision is to distinguish ourselves from competitors by offering a quality service with a memorable experience through empowered personnel.

Don’t forget Teltek’s Values:

• Face to face business
• Education
• Balance
• Trustworthiness
• Dependability

Notice a reoccurring theme here? Personalized Service. Memorable Experience. Trustworthiness. All of these exemplify how we prefer to do business in the community. If you ever need a reminder about how Teltek treats its customers, please visit our web site where these values are proudly displayed. Feel free to incorporate them into your own professional or personal mission statement. Above all else, we consider ourselves to be a communications company and that includes communicating well with our customers. Tell us what’s important to you when it comes to customer service. We’re listening!

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