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Ask The Teltek Tekspert: Data Migration

Ask The Teltek Tekspert: Data Migration


 Gina in Washington, DC asks:

“We are getting ready to launch a new CRM software program. What is the best way to transfer the data from the old program into the new one?”

Data migration can be a very complex undertaking. You need to ensure that your information remains intact and is not corrupted or lost during the transfer process. There are certain steps you can take that will help this make this easier.

First, this is a great opportunity to clean up your data and make sure you are only moving information that is accurate and current to the new program.

Next, check the two programs to see how compatible they are with each other. In some cases, the programs are so similar that little effort is needed to complete a successful data transfer. Others will be more of a challenge, so that aspect needs to be researched.

Be sure to check for data migration tools that may allow you to move that data without manual intervention.

Another key element in this process is mapping, which is setting up the fields for the information to be sorted into. A few examples of these would be first name, last name, street address, zip code, telephone number, type of business, etc. Basically, the information needs to know which field it is coming from and which field it is going to so it ends up in the right place. You don’t want a contact’s zip code populating a fax number field in the new program.

A good tip is to make a copy of the entire database and keep that somewhere safe. Create a second copy that you will work with. That way if a migration attempt goes bad, you can scrub that attempt without losing your information or rendering it useless.

If you are not comfortable migrating data yourself, call Teltek IT! Our certified engineers will make sure your data transfer is efficient, accurate and complete.

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