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Have you Scrutinized your network lately?

Have you Scrutinized your network lately?

scru·ti·nize  /ˈskro͞otnˌīz/  vb  To examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.

 Do you have the information that you need to properly manage and secure your network?  Dell SonicWALL has released a powerful analytical tool, Scutinizer, which will allow administrators to optimize, troubleshoot, and safeguard their networks from poor performance, intrusions, and abuse through the use of customizable reports and “easy-to-understand visualizations.”  With these tools you will be able to quickly identify congestion points, security threats, and see historical usage.  


With Scrutinizer’s powerful analytics, you’ll be able to see a detailed overview of the flow of traffic through each node of your network and specific bandwidth usage to help you understand who is doing what, for how long, in which part of your network.


If you’re looking to understand what’s really happening on your network, the folks at Teltek can help. Give us a call to discuss your needs and ensure that you have the right tools to Scrutinize your network!


Teltek is a Certified Avaya Business Partner, NEC Dealer, and Microsoft Partner with two locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in providing one call technology support for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


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