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Verizon FIOS vs. Enterprise Grade Fiber

Verizon FIOS vs. Enterprise Grade Fiber

When it comes to connectivity, all of the options (and incessant marketing) can be a bit overwhelming.  How do you decide what’s best for your business?  How can you compare the different options?


That’s where partnering with the Teltek team can help.  We can explain the different options and help you decide what is best for your organization.  Lately, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about Verizon FIOS and Enterprise Grade Fiber.  While both provide connectivity, there are some drastic differences between the two.


Verizon FIOS

  • Verizon is the exclusive provider and it is designed to compete with Comcast, Cox and other cable providers initially in the voice, TV, Internet.
  • Very limited availability in and around Baltimore/DC. (greater availability in DC vs.  Baltimore)
  • Cannot get PRI phone service across FIOS (essential for most businesses with 10 phone lines or more)
  • Very low cost, very high speed
  • Unfortunately, Verizon is not doing much to build out network.  Betting on rapid expansion is dicey.
  • Great offering as primary internet or back up to a secondary connection
  • Different department than Verizon copper and Verizon enterprise (Typically different numbers to call for support, different bills)

Enterprise Grade Fiber

  • Multiple provider options. Typically supplied by an ILEC like Verizon or CLEC like TW Telecom, Windstream, XO Communications, EarthLink, etc.
  • More business offerings: monitoring, management, business grade phone offerings
  • Some carriers offer ability to burst real-time for higher bandwidth speeds
  • Most carriers do not deliver TV
  • Better Service Level Agreements
  • Wider availability – can be installed in most any metropolitan area
  • Significantly more expensive


In addition to the questions we’ve fielded between FIOS and Enterprise Grade Fiber (both using fiber optic technology) we’ve also been asked to clarify the advantages of using Fiber vs. Copper.  Fiber offers faster speeds and has less maintenance problems.  The decreased maintenance  issues can be attributed to newer infrastructure, not being susceptible to lighting or weather and the fact that most Fiber  is underground not overhead.


Still have questions about what’s right for your business?  Teltek’s team specializes in phone and internet services  and can help get your business connected, whether it’s what’s coming into the building or connecting employees in the office via phone, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and put together a comprehensive connectivity plan for your business.


Teltek is a Certified Avaya Business Partner, NEC Dealer, and Microsoft Partner with two locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. We specialize in providing one call technology support for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia


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