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Spring cleaning: 5 easy tips for an organized work space!

Spring cleaning: 5 easy tips for an organized work space!

Spring cleaning: 5 easy tips for an organized work space


It’s that time of year again.  When the weather turns around and we come out of our winter hibernation.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are starting to bloom.  Spring feels like a fresh start so its only natural to want to have a clean slate. So without further ado Spring cleaning: 5 easy tips for an organized work space!


  1. Separate business and personal – Wether at home or in the office, the two collide.  Of course, you’re going to work on a personal item or two while your at the office and vice versa at home.  In order to stay focused on the task at hand make sure you’re keeping them separate.  Use a separate personal and work email address and make sure that stack of personal notes and mail has a designated space on your desk away from your main task area.
  2. Ditch it!! Does it look like a paper bomb just went off at your desk?  Or perhaps you’re one of the “organized” ones (like me) that has a giant seemingly orderly stack that’s in no particular order? Go through the stack and you’ll find that you’re hanging on to stuff you forgot that you had and many are no longer needed.  If you have it electronically or if it’s just obsolete, hit the recycle bin or the shredder. Want to prevent this massive accumulation in the future?  Of course, you need to change behavior but the proper systems can help.  Go paperless!
  3. Get rid of the digital clutter – The same goes for your digital world.  Starting your day by looking at  a cluttered computer desktop or documents folder can set your day on the wrong course.  Organize your desktop, documents and email logically and archive what you don’t actively need.
  4. Keep only what you need within reach – When it comes to office supplies, keep only what you need at your fingertips. The rest will be in the office supply closet when and IF you need it.  For example, I think I only used that correction pen once before I had to throw it would because it dried up.  But a Sharpie and a highlighter?  Those I go through like Kleenex!
  5. Clean all surfaces, dust and disinfect. – Now that you’ve cleared space on your work surface and everything is orderly and organized – it’s time to add clean to the list.  The actual surface area of your desk needs a dusting to start.  You’ll be shocked by how many bunnies accumulate behind monitors in a cubicle.  Next, you may as well disenfect.  Your electronics, keyboard and phone require a bit more attention and special care with cleaning.  To learn how to best clean these items, check out my “How and how often should you clean your personal electronics” post.


We’re passionate about keeping you and your technology  clean and organized.  Click the links for more tips on how to tackle cleaning your  network room and overall tidy up around the office!


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