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Introducing the PlanWell SmartScreen: This is The Coolest Tool Ever!

Introducing PlanWell Smartscreen

Introducing the PlanWell SmartScreen: This is The Coolest Tool Ever!

Are you tired of that old whiteboard in your conference room? Are you tired of opening a dry-erase marker to find that it is dried out? Well the solution is here! We are pleased to announce our newest product offering: the PlanWell HD-LED SmartScreen.

This new product allows you to be more productive, effective, and improve your meeting experience!


Improved Productivity

The SmartScreen not only takes place of your whiteboard, but also takes place of your monitor that is mounted in your conference room, and even your computer! This interactive whiteboard has its own on-board integrated computer, which allows you to share files, plans, and virtually any presentation content. The SmartScreen also comes with a stand, which enables this powerful tool to be transported from room to room–even from building to building. The stand also can turn the big screen at a 45° angle, which enables the screen to act as a table. No more rolling your huge floor plans out on a table and taping down the ends!


Meeting Experience Improvement

Despite the location of your meeting participants, the PlanWell SmartScreen allows for easy communication, collaboration, and streamline connectivity. The SmartScreen has video conferencing capability with a built in camera. This allows remote workers to join in on meetings, from any location! You can also share the big screen with the remote attendees, allowing all the participants to be included on the discussion.


The PlanWell SmartScreen also can be used to interact, as well as annotate estimating software, BIM 3D models, videos, hyperlinked drawing sets and many other applications. You can annotate on any presentation in real-time and even save these annotations without marking up your original file.


In addition, if a file is not saved on the SmartScreen’s integrated computer, there is an HDMI input, which allows you to hook up your own computer to display on the big screen. Now you can take your file from a  14″ screen to a 55″, 70″ or 84″ screen so everyone in the conference room can see!


PlanWell SmartScreen Specs/Details:

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Anit-glare Glass Panel Front
  • Includes Heavy Duty Stand
  • Wireless Screen Sharing (Wi-Fi)
  • VGA input/output; HDMI input
  • And MUCH more. Check out our PlanWell SmartScreen product page for more details!



Now that you know about this wonderful and powerful tool, don’t you want one? If you have any questions about the PlanWell SmartScreen, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call 1.866.9.TELTEK, or visit our website. We look forward to serving you!



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