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The Most Common VoIP Security Issues

Common VOIP Security Issues

The Most Common VoIP Security Issues

When VoIP phone systems were first introduced years ago, there were few security concerns about using the new technology. However, like any new technology, with popularity comes security issues and more people looking to exploit the tech for personal gain. If you currently use VoIP or are exploring implementing this technology at your business, here’s what you should know about the most common VoIP security issues.



Phishing is very common in the VoIP world. Most often, a scammer will pretend to be an email provider, service provider or bank. They will send an email or text message to an employee and attempt to convince them to call a specific number or click on a dangerous link. Instead of replying to these messages or engaging with them, your employees should let your IT department go and delete them.



This common VoIP security issue is more sophisticated than phishing. The hacker will listen to your call and attempt to gain information that could be used against you or your business. Eavesdropping hackers will try to gain access to phone numbers, names, passwords, personal information and any other sensitive information. This information will then be used to make free calls using your VoIP line or hack other parts of your business.


Audio Spam

Just like the spam that you receive in your mailbox or email inbox, audio spam is a common VoIP security issue and annoyance. While audio spam can be harmless, it can also be a way to breach into your VoIP phone system or attempt to phish. Never respond to suspicious calls or audio spam or try to redial the phone number.


Man in the Middle Attacks

This VoIP security issue is most common when you are attempting to place a call over an unsecured WiFi connection. Cybercriminals will try to intercept your call and then reroute it through a server, so that they can inject malware and spyware into the stream and gain access to private information.


Partner with Teltek to Prevent Common VoIP Security Issues

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