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Working from Home: Teltek’s Nebulosity VOIP Phone System

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Working from Home: Teltek’s Nebulosity VOIP Phone System

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, the calls have been pouring in from Teltek clients requesting telecommuting options for their staff. Fortunately, cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology makes remote work super easy, and also offers a variety of options. Nebulosity offers features well beyond standard call forwarding, twinning and voicemail to email; with a properly configured system, you can seamlessly integrate your workers all over the world as if they were all sitting in the same office building.

This article will provide a brief overview each of the features available on Teltek’s Nebulosity Cloud PBX for efficient remote work environments. Here’s what we’ll cover:

In combination, these features offer a great work-from-anywhere communications solution. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.


Because Nebulosity’s core phone system is in the cloud, you can connect from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Here are the most common devices that you can use from home:

Yealink Desk Phones From Your Office

Most Yealink phones sold by Teltek are SIP-T46S or SIP-T42S models and require electrical power to function. Teltek typically supplies this via a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) network switch. This powers all phones with one piece of hardware. Once you unplug the phone from the office, you lose the ability to utilize the PoE switch and will need a power adaptor in its place. The good news is that these only cost about $12 each, and we can ship them directly to your employees’ homes within a couple of days.

Desk phones also require hardwired internet connections (as most computers in an office environment do). This can present a challenge at home, because many houses are not hardwired with Ethernet cabling and rely on wireless technology to supply internet throughout the house.

If this is your scenario and you want to use this option, you would need to plug the phone into your internet at the location where your internet modem is located; this is, more often than not, the same location where you want to set up your home office. Thus, you will either need to obtain a very long Ethernet cord and run it from the modem to the location where you wish to work or select another option.

Yealink recently released the SIP T-5 series line of phones, all of which are wireless internet enabled desk phone such as the SIP-T53W and the SIP-T54W and SIP-T57W. With these models, you can connect your Yealink desk phone directly to your home WiFi network and forget about running long cables or working from the basement!

The Platform

Accession Communicator Via Your Smart Phone, PC or Tablet

Accession Communicator is a Unified Communications (UC) desktop and mobile application that brings your office phone system to any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This technology is commonly referred to as a “Soft Phone” or “mobile PBX”, meaning that you are not using a “hard” desktop phone for communicating.

Teltek charges $2/per user/per month for access to the Accession Communicator application, which enables functionality on up to 5 devices per user.

These devices use your in-house WiFi networks or data from your mobile carrier (think AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to connect back to the cloud phone system. This promotes wireless communications from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet.

Accession enhances boring old phone systems with some cool added features, such as:

    • Accession Meeting (MetaSwitch MaX UC): Schedule or create ad-hoc live audio/video conference calls with screenshare, directly from your Accession Communicator application. Save money and time by centralizing your virtual meeting application with Accession.
    • Call Log and Directory: Accession includes a full call and chat log as well as an integrated directory where you can import all of your contacts from Outlook or other databases.
    • Chat: Accession Communicator includes an Instant Messenger for you to communicate with other members of your business group. Conversations can include attachments, be archived, and be printed out.
    • Click to Dial: Using a PC, smart phone, or tablet enables you to click on phone numbers from most websites, documents, calendars, etc., and automatically dial the number for a streamlined communication experience.
    • Presence: You can view the other members of your business group and see if they are on the phone, available, or away from their desks. Additionally, users can leave “away messages” to describe their current status such as “out to lunch” or “Corona Lockdown”.
    • SMS/Text Messaging: For an additional $3/per user/per month, you can enable Accession users to send and receive text messages from their business phone numbers to their contracts. This is great for modern communications when you’d prefer not to disclose personal cell phone numbers.
    • Video Chat: Accession brings real-time high definition video chat to other members of your business group via a webcam or smartphone camera.
    • Voicemail: Retrieve, review, and reply to your voicemails directly from the Accession application. If you are tired of listening to long drawn-out voicemails to get the few details you need, consider upgrading to voice-to-text translation and have your voicemails transcribed to you via email for just $3/per user/per month.


Accession Meeting (MetaSwitch MaX UC)

The solution enables HD voice and video conferencing that includes the following features:

  • Unlimited voice conferencing
  • Multiple views – gallery and active speaker
  • 4-500 Attendees
  • Desktop sound or full-screen video sharing
  • Desktop screen, app and document sharing
  • iPhone and iPad screen sharing with Airplay
  • Chatting and call recording
  • Desktop remote control
  • Integrated moderator controls
  • Outlook calendar plug-in
  • One-click scheduling in Outlook


Virtual Fax (Faxing as a Service)

Our Hosted Fax solution improves on faxing’s strengths with tightened information security. It also eliminates faxing’s weaknesses, getting rid of manual, time-consuming processes for users and eliminating the need for day-to-day maintenance of systems for your IT organization.

Virtual faxing is a better way to send and receive fax documents from anyone, anywhere. Fax machines are a thing of past, but many businesses and government agencies still rely on fax technology due to security and compliance regulations. Teltek’s Virtual Faxing is an easy and affordable solution to sending and receiving faxes from the desktop, eliminating the clunky hardware and waste associated with traditional fax machines. Here are some benefits compared to fax machines:

  1. Boost Information Security: Prevent data loss and privacy breaches by securely routing fax to intended recipients.
  2. Fax on the Go: Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device – laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  3. Track Chain of Custody: Get a complete audit trail for incoming faxes, including recipient, arrival time, and contents.
  4. Eliminate Lost Faxes: No more trips to the fax machine only to return empty-handed because a co-worker picked up your fax.
  5. Speed Response Times: Automatically route incoming fax documents to the right departments or individuals for immediate action.
  6. Improve Workflow: Automatically route incoming fax documents to collaboration and workflow applications.
  7. Unlimited Faxing Capacity: Instead of sending and receiving one fax at a time with analog machines, get unlimited capacity.
  8. Keep Your Fax Numbers: If you’ve got published fax numbers, you can port them to the new service, add more numbers, or start fresh.
  9. Search Fax Content: Automatically convert and store fax documents in PDF format for full-text search and retrieval.



Headsets are helpful in remote work environments, but even when you head back to the office, a headset can free up both of your hands while you are on a call to create a more efficient work environment. A wireless headset enables even more mobility while on a call, allowing a worker to get up and stretch, make a cup of coffee, or move about their remote workspace.

Headsets can be used both in conjunction with your Yealink Phone as well as directly connected to your computer, smartphone, or tablet for communication with Accession/MaX UC software.

Accession Communicator/MaX UC is hardware-agnostic, meaning that any headset is compatible with any device running the MaX UC software. Typically, integration is done using hardwired USB or Bluetooth technology. See the list below of some of our favorite options.

There are three options for integrating headsets with your Yealink VoIP Phone:

  1. Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Enabling a maximum range of 33 feet under perfect environmental conditions, this option is suited for someone that is not going to leave their desk or immediate work area. Bluetooth headsets will automatically connect to the Yealink T-5 Series IP Phones and can use the Yealink BT40 USB Dongle to connect to the Yealink T-400 Series IP Phones.
  2. 900 MHz Wireless Technology: This option will give you the greatest range of mobility from your connected device for up to a 350-foot maximum range under ideal environmental conditions. 900 MHz headsets will require the Yeaklink EHS36 Wireless Headset Adapter to connect into your Yealink VoIP Phone via the integrated headset jack.
  3. Wired Headsets: These headsets are wired directly to your Yealink VoIP Phone, and while your range of mobility will be limited to roughly 6 feet, this will be your most affordable option.

There are thousands of headsets to choose from, and just like VOIP Phones, they change often; Yealink publishes a Yealink VOIP Phone Headset Compatibility Guide, but it is not always well updated, so be sure to check with your headset vendor for a more-recent compatibility check.

Teltek no longer sells headsets directly to our customers, but here are a couple of our favorite headsets and vendors to get you started. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to wireless headsets. So, while there are far less expensive models on the market, we’re big fans of Plantronics (now Poly) and Leitner brands for sound quality and durability.


Looking for the perfect work-from-home solution?

At Teltek, we can enable your business to better navigate these difficult times by helping you to select and implement an ideal communications solution for remote work. Give us a call today.

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