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The Value of a Local Technology Provider

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The Value of a Local Technology Provider

Cloud computing has made it so that businesses can purchase technology services from vendors anywhere in the world. While the technology can come from anywhere, there is value in picking a local technology vendor that can provide excellent customer service on top of a first-class technology solution. A vendor close to home offers several benefits over a faceless national provider.

Why You Should Select a Local Technology Provider

Local technology providers offer dramatically better customer service when compared to national providers. Local providers are more connected to your area and can provide you with in-person service when needed. Someone nearby can come to your office, take stock of your company’s current technology situation, and help you devise a strategy for your future needs. National companies simply don’t offer this type of detailed attention.

A local technology provider will also be invested in your success. As your company grows, a technology provider can grow along with you. A technology provider can play a critical role in your success and will be more of a strategic partner. This type of attention can pay dividends over the years, giving your business a trusted voice on all things related to technology.

The Challenge with National Providers

Small and medium-sized businesses may be tempted to go with a national provider, feeling that a household name is a safe choice. While national providers offer a good service, they lack the hands-on attention you can get from a local technology provider. With so many customers they simply don’t care about you and your needs. They don’t understand what you need. When you have a problem, you are likely to find yourself navigating an endless phone automation system to get help. With a local provider, you will have the cell phone number of your agent to reach at any time.

National providers typically don’t provide onsite installations, offer preplanning surveys, and don’t always coordinate with other critical vendors to ensure smooth integrations. They are simply focused on keeping shareholders happy. The life of a small business can be difficult, so pick a technology provider that is invested in you and your success.

Teltek Provides Excellent Services to Our Local Customers

Teltek is a leader in information technology services. We offer a proprietary approach to meeting any business’s needs and want to help your company find the right IT system that works best for your needs. If you are ready to learn more about Teltek, contact us today for a free consultation at 1-866-9-TELTEK or 410-552-6580.

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