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When and How to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

phone systems

When and How to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

Business Phone Systems

Is your current office phone system creating a disconnect? It may be time for an upgrade.

Communication technology seems to be evolving at the speed of light, but what about your current phone system? It’s easy to take that receiver for granted, despite its age, focusing more on the flashier tech around your office space or in your pocket.

The truth is, the tech evolution hasn’t left phone systems behind, and you may be missing out.

There are more features and capabilities available than ever before, whether you need to update your office network or need to ditch phone lines with cutting edge VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems that take your network online.

So, is it time for an upgrade, or are your business phones doing the trick? Let’s take a closer look.



When should I upgrade my business phone system?

Here are some of the key signs to watch out for:
  • Your desk phone is becoming obsolete, making it harder to complete system maintenance, find replacement parts, or integrate new features you need.
  • You can’t scale your system. In other words, your current business phone system is at max capacity, with no option for growth across a new location or expanded office space.
  • Can’t access new features and capabilities that would streamline systems, improve internal communication, and save your team time.
  • Frequent outages make it hard to do business and reliably receive incoming calls from clients and contacts.

  • Poor call quality, making communication difficult lowering your quality of customer service.
  • You can’t support remote workers. 26.7% of US employees have gone remote, with the numbers only continuing to climb. If your phone system lacks the tech capabilities to keep pace, you’re going to be left behind.
  • Phone costs keep climbing, but you aren’t gaining any new functionality or benefits.

In a nutshell, is your business phone system holding you back in any way? If so, get ahead of the problem by investing in an update before it turns into a critical problem.



Why should I upgrade my phone system?

Crystal clear communication? That’s a perk, but it goes deeper.

Increased security

Older phones that rely on audio signals can be intercepted, compromising call security. Newer VoIP phone systems that use the internet are more secure in many ways, but can leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks if the right protocols and measures aren’t put into place (much like any network/computer system). Cutting-edge cloud-based phone systems and providers adhere to rigorous phone system security standards, and are heavily invested in their reputation and protecting your assets.

Connect your remote employees

We touched on this above, but it’s worth repeating. Remote workplaces are exploding in popularity these days, making it essential that you can keep your team and clients connected even across greater distances without just relying on your mobile phone. Tools like Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and our Nebulosity platform offer the convenience of a centralized business phone, but layer in the incredible network capabilities of an online phone system. A client may call your central office number, but that call is then instantly relayed to your office administrator 10 states away. These kinds of options and capabilities just aren’t possible for older, legacy phone systems, making an upgrade a quick way to move the needle on your capabilities.

Save money

It may seem antithetical, but getting a new phone system can actually save you money. Older systems become difficult to maintain and repair, require specialized technicians, and parts are harder to source.

Leverage unified communications

Interested in consolidating your communication streams? Unified Communications (UC) phone systems funnel all those channels through your one device, making it easy to toggle between phone calls, video conferencing, chats, email, and more.



How to upgrade my phone system

Maybe you’re intrigued at this point, eying that old desk phone and wondering what you’re missing out on… Here’s what the upgrade process with Teltek actually looks like:
  • First, we schedule a site visit.
  • We want to hear from you, better understanding what your wants are in a phone system: voicemail, collaboration capabilities, instant messaging, video, voicemail to text, mobile application, etc.
  • In-depth analysis of your existing phone system, including what works and what doesn’t.
  • Review of your present network infrastructure to see if any upgrades are needed to support a new phone system.
  • Get a list of your phone users, fax numbers, door phones, and alarms.
  • Provide you with options for a new phone system.
  • Generate a quote based on the site survey and your feedback.
  • Follow up with you for any necessary quote/scope revisions.



Business phone system FAQ

Q. How long do business phone systems last?

It depends on your current system architecture, and the capabilities you need that system to deliver. On average, 5-8 years is a reasonable lifespan, with numbers either increasing or decreasing depending on your scenario.

Q. Is a phone system upgrade worth the money?

If you approach the process carefully and with the help of a phone system provider, then yes. They can be a pathway to huge ROI, phone features, lower cost of ownership, and an improved customer experience.

Q. Can I buy used phone systems?

We would advise against it. By virtue of its definition, a used system is already older, and it can be hard to verify its condition.

Q. Should I switch to the cloud?

Increased savings, mobility, and features all make a switch to the cloud pretty enticing. Our recommendation is to talk with your phone service provider, taking the time to closely review your unique needs. For many businesses and organizations, a cloud-based phone system makes a lot of sense of physical phone lines.

Q. Is it hard to upgrade business phone systems?

Not with the right provider. At Teltek, we work closely with our clients to create as smooth and efficient a transition as possible, minimizing downtime and ensuring you have all the support and help you need to quickly get your system operational.



Do you have more questions about your business phone system?

Contact the team here at Teltek! We specialize in IT business solutions, phone systems, and voice services, and know just how to help you navigate the process and options.

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