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Have You Heard About the Microsoft Teams Connector for MetaSwitch?

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Have You Heard About the Microsoft Teams Connector for MetaSwitch?

It just got even easier to merge the simple efficiency of your office phone line with the new reality of remote working.

The way we work, connect, and collaborate is always changing. Add today’s demand for remote working capabilities, and you’ve just forced the innovation process into warp speed.

These tectonic shifts created fresh opportunities for tools like Microsoft Teams, a platform designed to keep people connected, productive, and cohesive, no matter how many physical miles are between them. The only component that was unaccounted for was your business’ phone service lines. How do you handle that essential part of your communication system when your staff is working remotely?

Microsoft filled the void by offering Direct Routing, a way to provide a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connection to Microsoft Teams users. In other words, your business’ phone lines just went online, using a cloud PBX.



Introducing MaX UC with Microsoft Teams

Just as a timeline recap, Microsoft purchased Metaswitch in July, 2020, leveraging their native phone functionality and network-based communication strengths.

It was a match made in Metaswitch-hosted heaven, allowing you to transition to a VoIP network without sacrificing your legacy telephone system.

It’s important to note that the products never officially merged – Direct Routing just made it possible for the two tools, Teams and Metaswitch, to work together.


Fast forward to today, and enter the MaX UC for Microsoft Teams.

This new connector allows you to use Teams for your chat and collaboration, but seamlessly pair it with Metaswitch’s Unified Communications desktop application. This affords a new level of cloud-based PBX functionality that Teams can’t offer on its own.

Now, if you speak this language, everything we’re saying makes sense. If you’re a layperson looking for a clear explanation of why this matters, here’s the breakdown of benefits:

  • Better VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system options, taking your phone lines to the internet.
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Teams, rather than just providing a phone service that is compatible with Teams.
  • You can access services through a Metaswitch provider, rather than having your options be limited to Microsoft voice calling plans.
  • No need to port (transfer) phone numbers. Keep the ones you already have.
  • Add the Max UC app to Teams, and you have instant access to your call history, contact list, and call manager.



Have more questions about VoIP, or how to best leverage the MaX UC connector?

Contact the Teltek team! We’d love to help navigate your business phone system options, making the best selection for your unique needs.

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