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Legacy Phone Systems

The following products and platforms are solutions that are no longer being manufactured but are still widely used and being serviced and supported by Teltek.


If you require service on or an upgrade to one of these products, please get in touch with us today.

Featured Products


Avaya IP Office Essential Edition - Norstar Version

The Avaya IP Office Essential Edition - Norstar Version was the ideal solution for small enterprises that had legacy Nortel "M" and "T" series phones from older BCM and Norstar phone systems and wanted to reuse them on Avaya IP Office.


Norstar Version was designed to fit your business as it grew.  You could start with just two phones and expand up to 48 and begin with a single line and grow up to 36. Businesses could increase features only as they needed them.



  • Caller ID
  • Dial by name
  • Automated attendant
  • Multi-party conferencing
  • Integrated voicemails


As business demanded efficient, seamless communication to enable rapid decision-making and customer responsiveness, NEC’s UNIVERGE 360 helped small-to-medium-sized businesses succeed at this accelerated level by placing people at the center of communications via the UNIVERGE® SV8100 Communications Server.


The UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server was the ideal system for SMBs that wished to compete and grow their businesses over time. This robust, feature-rich solution was completely scalable and could be expanded to meet an office’s communications needs both now and in the future.


Designed to be both versatile and scalable for a growing business’ needs, the SV8100 supported TDM, IP, video, wired, or wireless. It also provided three on-board applications and a full range of high-powered features that could be transparently shared between branches or remote locations. Individuals, departments, and locations could work more efficiently by using this to communicate seamlessly in real time.



  • VoIP and Traditional Voice Support: Deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology with a single SV8100 system.
  • Application Integration: Embedded applications were easily accessed through simple license activation.
  • Scalability: As a business’s communication needs grow, the SV8100 easily migrateed to the larger-line-capacity SV8300.
  • Stackable Architecture: The SV8100’s rack stackable chassis supported server functions, media gateways, and media converters through a single unit.

Merlin Classic Telephone System

The Merlin phone system was a leader in the small system environment for many years. The Merlin phone system was expandable from 2 to 40 lines and from 6 to 120 telephones, depending on the system.


Many standard features on the Merlin phone system could be expanded with the use of feature cartridges or upgraded releases. All Merlin phone system solutions were capable of speed-dialing, privacy, transfer, intercom, and more.

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Even though many non-local phone providers will sell you a solution before knowing what infrastructure you have, we always come onsite to perform an assessment before you’re a client. We’ll always ensure your solution is working before we make a switch.


We service a variety of products, but we’ll never push you toward a single solution –we’ll make sure you get the system that’s the best fit.


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