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Teltek’s Nebulosity system is a cloud-based VoIP phone system by
MetaSwitch that’s designed to give your business access to
any telephony feature you need at a cost-efficient price.

When you choose Nebulosity, here's what you'll get.


Bring your own devices
onto the platform.

Save time and money by onboarding existing devices. Most SIP-based desk phones are compatible, and employees can bring devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.


Access any service
from anywhere.

Cloud availability eliminates the need for confusing equipment, expensive maintenance, and cluttering cables and makes service accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.


Make training easy
with video resources.

Access tutorials that walk through every step of using the Nebulosity system. We provide a comprehensive training library that will increase your users’ confidence and boost your productivity.

Get a Complete Communication System at a Cost-Efficient Price. Choose Nebulosity.

Looking to implement a phone system fit to your business?

Nebulosity Resources

Learn about the Nebulosity platform with the videos below. Make user training easy.

Nebulosity Unified Communications Platform

Max UC

Max UC is a Unified Communications (UC) desktop and mobile application that brings your office phone system to any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Use WiFi networks or data from your mobile carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to connect back to the cloud phone system from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet.

Features include:

Max Meeting. Schedule or create ad-hoc live audio/video conference calls with screenshare, directly from your Max UC application.

Call Log and Directory. Accession includes a full call and chat log as well as an integrated directory where you can import all of your contacts from Outlook or other databases.

Video and Instant Message Chat. Max UC includes an Instant Messenger for you to communicate with other members of your business group. Conversations can include attachments, be archived, and be printed out.

SMS/Text Messaging. Enables the ability to send and receive text messages from your business phone numbers.

Voicemail. Retrieve, review, and reply to your voicemails directly from the Max UC application. Transcription is available.

Benefit from the Cloud

Management is easy.

The cloud-based system does not require manufacturer-specific knowledge to administer, and there aren’t mandated updates.

Remote work is more efficient.

Employees can access services and work from any device – anywhere there is an internet connection.

All communications in one place.

The cloud enables all phone calls, texts, messages, chats, faxes to be directed to one number for easier communication across channels.

Lower cost to implement.

Because there’s less hardware, there’s little-to-no cost to system installation. Make communications an operating expense.

Stay flexible.

As long as phones are SIP-based, you can mix devices from various manufacturers and avoid getting locked into certain products.

Systems are secure.

Cloud PBX providers have their core system in multiple data centers for redundancy and security, minimizing outages.


Featured Products


Yealink Desk Phones

Teltek offers Yealink desk phones for users who do not prefer to use only their own devices. The most common models incorporated into the Nebulosity system are the SIP-T46S or SIP-T42S models, both of which are sleek and highly functional business communication devices.



  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • User-friendly metallic keypad
  • Adjustable multi-angle stand
  • Anti-tangle cord
  • Built-in USB port
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
Focused young businessman in eyewear wearing headphones, holding video call with clients on laptop. Concentrated millennial man in glasses giving online educational class lecture, consulting customer.

Max Meeting

Video meetings have never been more important. Max Meeting makes remote participation easy, affordable, and scalable. The solution enables HD voice and video conferencing at high quality from within an intuitive interface.



  • Unlimited voice conferencing
  • Multiple views – gallery and active speaker
  • 4-500 attendees
  • Desktop sound or full-screen video sharing
  • Desktop screen, app and document sharing
  • iPhone and iPad screen sharing with Airplay
  • Chatting and call recording
  • Desktop remote control
  • Integrated moderator controls
  • Outlook calendar plug-in
  • One-click scheduling in Outlook

Ready to get started with Teltek’s Nebulosity phone system?

Looking to get set up with a business phone system? To make sure you get a solution that fits, it’s important to identify the right provider to work with.


We’re here to help.


At Teltek, we’re a Maryland-based business serving healthcare, education, manufacturing, office buildings, nonprofits, and senior housing and long-term care facilities by providing better phone services.


Even though many non-local phone providers will sell you a solution before knowing what infrastructure you have, we always come onsite to perform an assessment before you’re a client. We’ll always ensure your solution is working before we make a switch.


If you’re in Maryland or the DC area and you’re looking for a business phone system provider that will have your best interests in mind, give us a call to take the first step today.

Get a Complete Communication System at a Cost-Efficient Price. Choose Nebulosity.

Looking to implement a phone system fit to your business?

Are you working from home?

Learn more about Teltek’s Nebulosity VOIP Phone System and its telecommuting options!