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Girl On Wire – Tales Of User Error

Girl On Wire – Tales Of User Error

Working in the technology field, you come to realize that problems with phones and computers don’t always mean something is technically at fault with the equipment, it can often be what is commonly referred to as “User Error“. All of us have been guilty of this at some time or another whether it’s due to misinformation, a lack of training or just not paying attention.

I’m sure some of you have faxed something to yourself, scanned the blank side of a document or knocked the blue ethernet cord out of the wall and then wondered why you no longer have internet access.

Personally, my claim to fame is emailing someone asking them to refer to the attachment and realizing later that I forgot to attach the document! Sigh…

At Teltek, we often get inquiries from customers who suddenly can’t receive calls at their extension and they hear a fast busy when they pick up the receiver. They are also positive that something is very wrong with their phone. This is a quick fix, they need to turn off the DND (do not disturb) button that they activated and forgot to disengage.

Since many of these tales are humorous, I thought it would be fun to feature some of these in a blog, so I asked my Teltek Teammates to share a few of their favorite user error stories. Check these out for a troubleshooting tip or a laugh:

“A guy calls and says that someone installed the CD rom drive in his computer incorrectly. He said it was installed upside down. When he opens up the drive, it can not insert a disk, it falls out.  When I got there the entire machine was upside down. He had just moved into a new office and the moving company placed the machine on his desk upside down. He did not notice that the rubber feet on the bottom were sticking up.”

“I’ve had a few calls from customers whose fax is not working and it turns out to be because there is no paper in the fax machine…”

“A data center was having trouble with its servers going down every evening at 8pm. The owner stayed late one night in an attempt to figure out what was happening. Just before 8pm, the cleaning crew arrived, plugged in a vacuum cleaner and the servers went down. It turned out she was unplugging the power supply to use the vacuum.”

“Once I had a customer call to report that the sound that should be coming out of the right speaker is coming out of the left side and vice versa. He wanted to know if the technician connected them up wrong when his machine was set up. I told him to just lift the speakers up off the desk and move the right speaker to the left and the left to the right. That was a quick fix.”

“Recently, we were running cable at a customer’s new location.  We were upgrading their voice cables from Cat3 to Cat5. One user reported their phone out of service – I tested the equipment verifying all of his cable connections and everything was testing out perfectly.  I was stumped until I saw a power supply on the floor just lying there by itself. The telephone required power and the power cable had come unplugged.”

“A co-worker was concerned that her computer seemed to be possessed because it kept typing jibberish on the screen. It turned out to be a three ring binder laying on top of her keyboard.”

Whether it’s user error or a genuine problem with your telephone system or IT equipment, call Teltek for help! Troubleshooting is an important aspect of our business and our expert technicians will figure it out for you.

Do you have a funny user error story to share? If so, tell it below!


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