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Why Total Care Assurance is Better Than Multiple Vendors

Why Total Care Assurance is Better Than Multiple Vendors

Why Total Care Assurance is Better Than Multiple Vendors

So, why should you opt for a company like Teltek, who can offer your business total care assurance, instead of several different vendors who offer services that your business needs? You might be thinking, “But, I only need x, y, or z. I want customization. I want choice. One place cannot give me all of the services that I want. If I jump around to different vendors, I will save a lot of money.” Actually, Teltek can offer the services your business needs and at a fixed price per user. Trying to piece together all of the costs from different vendors is an unnecessary hassle when one company can satisfy your requirements at a reasonable cost.


What services does Teltek offer, exactly? Remember the previous blog post that talked about Avaya IP Office and all of the options it offers? Teltek has even more services than that. Generally, Teltek provides hosting, managed services, helpdesk support, network relocations, disaster recovery, voice and data cabling, phone and internet services, VoIP, technology recycling, and managed print.


Within Teltek’s Total Care Assurance Program, you can expect services such as: Anti-Virus, SPAM and Spyware Prevention, Bandwidth Analysis, Email and Exchange Administration, Line of Business Software Support, Monthly or Quarterly Onsite Visits, Phone and Internet Service Negotiations, Repairs and Relocations, Phone System Moves, Adds and Changes, Proactive Monitoring with Best in Class Software, Remote Troubleshooting, Server and Desktop PC Patching, Voice and Data Cabling Repairs, and Voicemail and Call Center Administration.


Choosing multiple vendors for your business’ technology needs is much like trying to run several errands with an infant in tow. Have you ever tried to take an infant out while you run errands? You will get as far as one errand and realize what a hassle the entire process is. After unloading the carseat, you have to hook the kid into a stroller, lug the heavy carseat with your spindly arms, take up all of the space in your shopping cart with the carseat, or strap the kid into a baby carrier. All of these tasks take precious time. Once you finish running the first errand, the kid is screaming for food or ready for a nap, and you forgot half of the things on your list, or the store you decided to hit first stocked only four of the items you needed for the week. Thus, you want one place that meets all of your needs. The same is true for the technology you choose for your business.


Do not waste your precious time hassling with multiple vendors when one place can help you get everything on your list, handle your precious cargo, and give you peace of mind.

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