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Teltek News

Ready to upgrade your communication game? With Teltek Systems, the possibilities for your business are endless. We are excited to announce our Product Roadmap for 2024, designed to bring you the latest and most innovative solutions for your communication needs. Q1, 2024 - E911 Product and Network Deployment: Experience peace of mind with our Nomadic E911 deployment for all remote users. This feature, available in the USA and...

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25 year anniversary

In this season of gratitude, we’re especially grateful to be celebrating 25 years of service in December! While tools and technology have changed over the years, relationships with our clients, team, friends, and partners are a constant - a trust that we don’t take for granted. Here’s to the next 25! We can’t wait to see what they hold....

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woman holding tablet maxuc logo hand holding a cellphone and laptop showing videoconference

Teltek now offers our customers improvements to Max Meeting, an affordable audio, and video web collaboration tool that is part of the Nebulosity cloud PBX collaboration suite. These innovations offer improved usability, security, and noise suppression, among other factors. Let’s look at some of the improvements now available. What’s New with Max Meeting One cool new feature included in Max Meeting is the ability to add your...

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In response to potential concerns about security when using soft phones and web meeting services, Teltek is providing best practice recommendations for our MaX UC and MaX Meeting services. Keep Up to Date Update installed versions of the MaX UC Desktop, Mobile, and Meeting app to ensure known issues are fixed, lowering the risk of compromise. We push updates to the mobile apps and notify users to...

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VoIP Security Threats Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful tool that helps businesses in the modern world to stay more connected than ever before. However, just like any new technology, there are also people who want to exploit the tool for their own gain. Every small business needs to know about the most common VoIP security threats and partner with a skill cybersecurity company like Teltek. The...

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Upgrade Telecommunications Hardware

The phones that were on the cutting edge of technology a decade ago are now essentially glorified paperweights. Even newer pieces of telecommunications hardware can rapidly outlive their usefulness. How can you tell that it is time for your business to consider investing in upgraded telecommunications hardware?   You Have Performance Issues The more responsive that your telecommunications hardware is, the more that your workers will be able...

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Avaya IP Office for Small Business

Avaya IP Office is a powerful way to equip your small business with the affordable telecommunications technology you need to succeed. This solution has plenty to offer businesses of every size, but it’s particularly excellent for small businesses. With advanced reporting options, cutting-edge system customization and a suite of other new features, Avaya IP Office allows you to create a seamless and intuitive experience for...

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Avaya IP Office New Year Resolution

At Teltek, we work with businesses every year to achieve their telecommunications and budgetary goals. One of the most powerful tools that we use is Avaya IP Office. This dynamic communications platform is a great way to keep your bottom line reasonable while still enjoying all of your must-have features.   5 Ways Avaya IP Office Will Help Your Small Business Reach Your Goals   Flexibility and Scalability:...

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How to Maintain a Virus-free Computer

With more people using digital devices every day as a workplace it is important to keep computers protected from viruses; a computer virus is a program that invades computer host systems and most of these viruses use e-mail systems to transmit. Please keep in mind some behavior modification, this is just as important as education on cybersecurity according to an article written by David L Wilson...

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Teltek’s Free Technology Assessment

At Teltek, we are dedicated to helping businesses of every size cut costs and get more done with less. We are a single-source point of contact for all of your technology needs, including IT and telecommunications. Our free technology assessments are designed to evaluate what you are currently doing, save you money and identify areas for improvement. What can you expect?   The Threefold Purpose of Our...

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